Megann Robinson Photography

Fine Art School Portraits


Better for Parents

No more pre-ordering.    

Parents get a personal gallery where they can choose the perfect photos of their child and buy the exact prints or downloads they want.   

Better for Families

No more settling for wallet size.     

Grandparents and other family members can buy the photos they want even if the student's parent didn't save them an 8x10 or a 5x7.   

Better for Schools

Great for fundraising.  

We donate 10% of gross sales to your school. With a better experience and more beautiful options, sales tend to be higher than traditional school pictures.     


How it works:

  1.   We work with you to schedule a day or two for school portraits.
  2.   You provide a list of student names and parent email addresses.  
  3.   We take portraits of every student on the big day(s).
  4.   We create a personal online store for each student where their families buy digital and physical portraits.
  5.   We send out a link to each parent and fulfill all orders.
  6.   We donate 10% of gross sales to your school.